Flexible production
Loading up to 450 Kg x shelve
Integrated digital programmer that operates 30 different programs

Maximum energetic efficiency thanks to minimizing loses per chamber.
Possible upgrading, stacking more chambers on top.

Allows working with 2+2 trays
making the pre-vacuum & last cooling period in the upper positions.

Ideal oven for medium-large regular series / sizes
Full convection heating system that transmits heat overall laminated area


PUJOL 100 series
The new automatic line for a high production has been developed by PUJOL to automate the manufacture of laminated glass

Unique system in the world integrating process defined in 3 different Phases under vacuum controlling all:
Pre-Vacuum + Curing + cooling

Convection and radiation high speed oven. Lamination of PVB and EVA with fast cycles to get high and flexible productions with a lower cost manner than autoclave system.

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