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TWLQX-2000 Vertical glass washing machine

Open top washer for 1600/2000/2500mm



  • Big supporting wheels for heavy glass.

  • Two pairs of slanted air knives with a blower. Soft brush for Low-E glass.

  • Safety doors are as option: when operator opens the door, the machine will stop automatically.

  • Aluminum wheel seats in loading and unloading zone to avoid rust.

  • This washer can use with straight line edging machine or vertical drilling machine.

  • One motor to drive one brush, there are six motors for brushes totally.

  • Silicone strips set on loading and unloading zone for water proof and reduce the noise.

  • Washing and drying zone of the washer can open to max. 200mm for easy daily cleaning.

  • Heaters equipped in the tank, water temperature can be adjusted.

  • Stairs and frame equipped for safety daily maintenance.

Technical Parameters

2020-12-30 20_36_37-TWLQX-2000 Vertical
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