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TWQX-2500G Glass Washing Machine

Glass washer used with seaming/edging machine, or used before furnace.



  • Constructed with a sturdy steel and aluminum structure.

  • Machine covers, all parts in contact with water and brush shaft ends in SS 304.

  • CSA or UL electrical components.

  • NBR conveyor rollers.

  • Conical gears are adopted for steady and synchronous transmission.

  • All rinsing areas are equipped with efficient spraying nozzles to have the best result by less possible water usage. The nozzles can be taken down easily for daily cleaning.

  • Inverter used for transmission. PLC and touch screen as option.

  • Each section of the washer is with separation so dirty water won’t go across to each other.

  • The water proof system has rubber bars, rubber pads and stainless steel to prevent any water leakage..

  • Speed of the washer will be 1-10 m/min and it’s adjustable.

  • Valves will be set in water tank for auto glass supply. Level sensors will be equipped, when water is less than the limit, heater will stop automatically and sets off the alarm lighting and bell. (Optional)

  • Filters will be set on the tanks and they can be easily taken out for cleaning and the can be reused.

  • Water in all tanks are recycled and can be reused.

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